Messiah Lutheran Church hosts a variety of groups, events, and gatherings throughout the year.  Our mission is to share our campus with the community as a witness of God’s providence for our congregation.

If you are interested in using our facilities for your event, please look over the following guidelines and price list to determine if this will meet your needs.  Please fill out the facility form completely and submit it by clicking the submit button.  You will be contacted by someone on staff to confirm availability, as well as follow up with any other questions.  Please refrain from contacting the office if you have not submitted the facility form.  Until your request is received and evaluated, we cannot ascertain the particulars of your event.

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We recognize God’s ownership and our stewardship of these facilities, and are committed to using the facilities and campus to glorify God. To ensure that all guests can fully enjoy the facilities in a manner that is orderly and honoring to God, this Facility Use agreement has been adopted. It is built on the foundation of the functions within the normal ministry of Messiah Lutheran Church. The use of the church building and campus must be in accordance with the purpose and desires of Messiah Lutheran Church.

We provide use of our facilities to non-profit groups. The financial base for maintenance of our church campus is not equivalent to that of a commercial, profit-making organization.  Therefore, all who use our facilities must protect the facilities as they would their own.  Failure to abide by this principle will result in restricted use of facilities.

Church groups have priority in using the facilities.  Facility usage is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  “Outside groups” must furnish a certificate of insurance naming and protecting the interests of the church.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Partisan political groups
  • For-profit activities from which the church receives no direct benefit.
  • Any purpose which is not consistent with the doctrine of Messiah Lutheran Church
  • Serving or consuming of alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking is not permitted inside any church facility
  • No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the Chapel and Worship Center

 Damage and Insurance:

All user groups are responsible for conducting their activities in a safe manner.  Any and all damages to Church property shall be paid for by, and is the sole responsibility, of the user.  Non Messiah Lutheran Church groups using Church facilities on an on-going basis must provide evidence, a copy of Certificate of Insurance, of adequate liability insurance coverage and shall name Messiah Lutheran Church as an additional insured.  The user group must complete and submit the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and provide that document prior to the first use of the facility.

Children and Youth on premises:

All youth activities must be adequately supervised by adults at all times.

Audio/Visual Systems:

Messiah Lutheran Church’s audio/visual and lighting control systems are very sophisticated and may only be used when an audio technician is present.

Music Equipment and Space:

Use of Messiah Lutheran Church’s music equipment/systems and/or music rehearsal spaces requires the permission and approval of the Director of Music.


You are responsible for your own set-up and repositioning of furniture.  All rooms are to be left in the arrangement of your arrival, or set up as indicated by the Property Supervisor.  The set up in the Sanctuary cannot be changed without specific permission from the Property Supervisor.   Balls and balloons are not allowed in the Sanctuary.

Please understand that we at times have church related business, or functions, that may require the use of the room you are meeting in.  We will give you as much notice as possible and will try to move you to another area, but there is no guarantee that you will have place to meet, should this occur.



Each group is financially responsible for any and all damages incurred by your group.  All damages, injuries, and unusual incidents occurring during the use, shall be reported in writing, by the user, to the church office within 24 hours.  If you are using tables for craft project, PLEASE cover the tables with adequate protection.

Deposits:  Non-church sponsored activities shall pay a $200.00 damage/cleaning deposit, which will be held in the office.   As soon as the building has been checked, and found to be in good order, your damage/cleaning deposit will be returned.

This includes workshops, conferences, parties, receptions, meetings, lock-ins, retreats, etc. These fees do not apply to church related activities.

*These fees are subject to change. 

General Facilities Capacity   Members Non-Members
Usage     Cleaning Usage Cleaning
Chapel 150 0 $75 $250 $75
Worship Center/Narthex 1000 0 $150 $500 $150
Fellowship Hall 150 0 $100 $250 $100


(Cleaning fees for the following locations apply only if food and drink are offered)

Facilities Capacity   Members Non-Members
Usage     Cleaning Usage Cleaning
Classroom 18-25 0 $50 $100 $100*
Conference Room 100 0 $75 $100 $75
Reception Room 30 0 $75 $100 $75
Multi-Purpose Room (2nd floor) 100 0 $75 $100 $75
Choir Room 50 0 $75 $100 $75


*If more than one Classroom is used, the usage cost per Classroom is $50.00, and the cleaning fee is reduced to $50.00 per r00m.


If you have looked over the guidelines and fee schedule, and would like to submit a request to use our facility, you must fill out the facility request form completely and submit at least 4 weeks prior to your event.  Click here to download the PDF version of our Facility usage form.  You will be contacted by the church office within one week of receipt of your completed form to verify your reservation request.  If your event is approved, you will be required to meet with someone on the church staff to finalize your paperwork, and collect your deposit and fees.