Footprints of Faith – First Bibles for First Graders

The BEST Summer Reading Program Ever!

When children finish first grade they are mastering new skills such as reading.  Some may be struggling to become fluent readers while others are racing through each page.  One way to keep new readers motivated is to give them substantial and interesting books to read.

mom and son exploring

On the first Sunday of June, (June 5th, 2016) we will present each first grader with an opportunity to have their own Bible.  In the morning, all the families of these students share breakfast together at 9:00 am.  After some great food and fellowship, the parents and children work through puzzles and challenges designed to help them explore their new Bibles as they learn  to navigate the books, chapters and verses within.


During the 11:00 worship service, the parents “place into their hands the Holy Scripture” which is one of the promises made on the child’s behalf at their baptism.

RSVP by May 13th through our online sign up or email Amy Plenger, Director of Children’s Ministries  to reserve a Bible for your child allowing enough time to have it inscribed.  We also need a headcount to prepare breakfast for everyone.

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