We depend upon our fundraising efforts to help improve our school.  For example in 2005 we raised enough money to purchase a canopy for our large playground.  We have a number of opportunities for family and friends of our program to help us raise money.

On-Going Opportunities:

Gift Card Sales (SCRIP):  If you purchase your gift cards through us, the stores give the Lambs a percentage of the total sale.  For example, if you love your morning latte, you give us $10, we give you a $10 gift card to Starbuck’s and Starbuck’s gives the Lambs 70 cents. We have SCRIP order forms in our office or at the Lambs’ table on Sundays.  We place orders on a weekly basis.  Click here to download an order form.

Kroger Shopping:  Kroger has a new shopper incentive program.  If you follow a couple steps, you can tie your Kroger Plus card to the Lambs and a percentage of your total grocery sale will be donated by Kroger back to our school.  Step 1: Obtain the Lambs’ Customer Letter. We have them in our office or at our Lambs’ table on Sundays.  Step 2: Take the letter to Kroger and present it to the cashier at check-out along with your Kroger Plus card. The cashier will scan your card then scan the paper. Your Kroger Plus card will be automatically tied to the Lambs.  Step 3: Toss the letter and do your weekly shopping at Kroger!

Tom Thumb Shopping:  Tom Thumb also has a shopper incentive program through which they will donate a percentage of grocery sales to our school.  To tie your Tom Thumb Reward card to the Lambs’ account, go to the Customer Service Desk and tell them you want Organization Number 6859 tied to your account.  It is that easy!  Also, once a year Tom Thumb offers Coomunity Bucks with your purchases.  We collect those – please bring them into our office!!

Target Shopping:  If you use a Target Red card when you shop at Target you can attach the Lambs ID #124817 to your account and Target will donate a percentage of your total sale to our school.  Just go on-line to and follow the instructions in the Take Charge of Education section.

Scholastic Book Orders:  Throughout the year, children are sent home with Scholastic Book Order Forms.  As books are ordered on the Lambs’ account, Scholastic gives our school free books and classroom supplies.  If you would like to order on-line our code is: HXH4J.

Monetary Donations – Of course our school always welcomes monetary donations of any amount.  Many times corporations will match these donations to our school – we would be happy to assist you with any additional paperwork.

Annual Events:

Basket Auction:  The past few years we have had a Basket Auction.  Each of our classrooms has a theme and over the course of two weeks parents bring in items related to the theme.  The items are then gathered and separated into baskets which are put up for silent auction.

Bake Sales:  We have a number of bake sales throughout the year where Lambs staff brings in their favorite sweets.

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