Reformation Sunday

On October 29, the last Sunday of October, we will be celebrating the 500th  Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.  Martin Luther made a huge difference in the world of his day, which still has lasting impact in our lives today.

In addition to speaking against some of the false teachings of the Christian Church in his day, like paying money for the forgiveness of your sins and like paying money to get into heaven, Martin Luther really helped Christian families.  He helped fathers and mothers to be able to teach the basics of the Christian faith to their children through a little book, now known as Luther’s Small Catechism, which we still use in teaching our adults and youth today.  He also helped the public education of all the children in Germany through his writings.  God used him to really make a difference in his day.

On this particular Sunday, our Sanctuary Choir, Cherubs, Choristers and Youth4Truth will share special anthems and music in the worship services.  We’ll also have a special appearance by Martin Luther! Come and join in the celebration of our Christian faith, Lutheran heritage and God’s gift of His truth, written in the Bible for all to read.




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