Trusting God With Tomorrow



The TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW campaign provides an effective way for the leaders of Messiah to share information with you about the proposed plans for the new building. It provides an opportunity for our members and friends to make sacrifices to support the growing ministry and outreach needs for the present, and especially for the future. We trust in God to lead the way as we look to tomorrow. Psalm 4:5 is our theme verse for the campaign: “Trust in the Lord, and offer pleasing sacrifices to Him.”

Why are we doing another campaign? I thought we were not going to do another one.

We thought we were done with capital campaigns at Messiah too. Because of the growth we have seen in membership since our last campaign concluded, the expectation was that our giving for regular offerings and to the building fund would increase so that when we were ready to build, the funds we needed would be available. Now, that we are ready to build, the costs outweigh what we have received, and we need to do this campaign.

What is our TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW campaign goal?

We expect it will cost between $2-4 million to complete the building.

Are we going to borrow more money or add to our current debt?

No. We will not build until we have raised enough money to build the Life Center.

Does that mean actual money received or $2-4 million in commitments pledged?

We only need a portion of the $2-4 million to begin construction.

How will Messiah manage our current debt during these 3 years?

We will continue to pay our debt out of our operating budget as we have been. Pledges for TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW are intended to be beyond our current giving levels.

Why did we choose Pastor John Kieschnick and Capital Funding Services for this campaign? How much does this cost?

Capital Funding Services is partnered with our Synod’s Lutheran Church Extension Fund. Together with the passion for stewardship and sacrifice, Pastor Kieschnick adds a strong Bible-centered and spiritual message that inspires us to trust God with tomorrow as His plans for Messiah. Pastor Kieschnick will lead our congregation to think outside of the box when it comes to giving sacrificially. He will empower the campaign leadership, and through prayer, devotion, and Scripture he will help us reach beyond our goal.

The cost is a percentage of the pledges we expect to receive.

What will the TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW gifts help us build?

We trust in Him as we plan to finish the building that currently houses the Chapel and Gymnasium. The entire facility will now be called the Life Center, and will include an entire floor for Youth Rooms, a Fellowship Hall, Stage, and a Kitchen.

Why are we calling it the Life Center?

Since the building will encompass a wide variety of worship, youth, children, sports and recreation, fellowship, and other activities, we wanted a title that would embody all of it. Our goal is to center our entire lives on Christ. This includes not only our spiritual being, but our mental and physical being as well. We felt the title Life Center was a perfect  description for the vision of this building and the ministries found there.

Why do we need the Life Center now?

We feel a true Contemporary Worship service would bring more people to church each week. As our current Sanctuary is a traditional worship space, the Fellowship Hall will be equipped with technology and an environment for a contemporary setting.

We also want to offer unique outreach and fellowship opportunities that will be better served with a kitchen, and large dining area. We feel this space would increase  involvement within our membership, but also with the communities around us.

We will be able to streamline the way we minister to our students in the new Youth  Area. As of right now, the group mainly meets in one room. At the Life Center, the  youth will have one large group meeting room and lots of rooms conducive to small group discussions. This will help us build deeper relationships through Bible-focused discussions in a small group format. Additionally, the ministry will be outfitted with newer technology that will meet their ever-changing needs.

We feel all of these areas embrace Messiah’s purpose of “Sharing His Light.”

Are the designs and plans for the Life Center ready?

Since we are just starting this campaign, architectural designs and engineering for  construction have not yet begun.

Do we have a time-table for the building?

A date for the ground-breaking has not been set at this time. The timetable depends on the success of our TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW campaign.

When does the TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW campaign officially begin?

On Sunday, February 26th, we will celebrate Vision Sunday, which is the kick-off to the 3-year TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW campaign. Each household attending church that day will receive a packet of materials that will explain the campaign  activities. The packet will include information and spiritual resources for you to use throughout the month of March, as you consider what God is calling you to do for His glory.

When do we make our commitments?

On Sunday, March 26th, we will present our 3-year commitments to God during  worship. You will receive a Commitment Card and Envelope in advance to use that day.

On that day, we have the unique opportunity to worship together in one celebration at 10:00am. We also will celebrate Messiah’s 60th Anniversary and the countless ways we have seen God at work through our congregation from its inception, and with once voice ask Him to guide our tomorrows.

When do we begin giving our 3-Year Commitment?

On Easter Sunday, we are encouraged to offer our first-fruits to the Lord; our first gift of our commitment. In the next 3 years, you will continue giving according to your own time-table whether it be monthly, quarterly, yearly, or a one-time gift in its entirety.

Are there special envelopes I should use for my gifts?

In your envelope packet that you receive quarterly, you will find envelopes to use that have “Messiah Lutheran Church Building Fund Contribution” in red print.

Should we make a commitment while our family finances are a mess? What if we don’t have a workable budget yet?

Everyone is in different circumstances. Growth in financial responsibility and growth in financial generosity are both incremental. We want you to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to you. Nothing about TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW is guilt motivated. All we ask is that you let the Spirit guide your decision. Pray about it, come to a decision and sleep on it. See if the Spirit confirms it in the morning. If so, don’t look back. If not, you’re not done praying yet. Adjust your decision, and pray about it some more.

What if I make a commitment and my financial circumstances change?

We understand. If your financial circumstances change, good or bad, you are welcome to adjust your commitment. Just be sure to let us know.

Other questions?

Please direct any commitment, campaign or building questions to Pastor Kollmann or Ellen Thorne.


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