Celebrate in Worship








When you come to worship, you receive what you can’t get from any other place. This unique celebration allows you to enter into God’s presence, to receive his gift of forgiveness, and learn as he reveals himself to us through his Holy Word. The prayers and songs you’ll hear are from the deepest parts of the soul, the words of people who truly have met their Messiah, Jesus, who’ve been changed forever, and who are prepared to go out and live the rest of their week with Christ at their side.

Messiah offers two distinctive styles of worship as we enter God’s presence.

Our 8:30 a.m. traditional service is a “blended” style of worship, incorporating traditional Lutheran and contemporary Christian music. Visitors familiar with traditional Lutheran worship will feel at home and recognize hymns and liturgy.

Our 11:00 a.m. contemporary worship incorporates a “praise” team, contemporary hymns, prayers, and as always, a message on themes for helping the Christian strengthen their faith and deal with the pressures of modern living. Newcomers to Lutheran worship will feel at home as they hear contemporary songs, listen to our youth choirs, and join in confessions and responses in today’s vernacular.

During summer, Advent through New Year’s, Reformation, and on holiday weekends (e.g. Labor Day), there is no Praise team in late service. Both early and late will have the same format.

Wednesday Night services are held every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. This is a wonderful chance to join us mid-week if you can’t come on Sundays. The service features sermons that really dig into the Bible and we always celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Watch the sermon from Sunday, as well as previous weeks.