Men’s Retreat

WHEN:  Friday Sept. 23rd 5PM –9PM and Saturday Sept. 24th 7:30AM – 4PM324805

Where: Springhill Retreat Center Richardson

$40 per person for the book and the meals. 

This year, Pastor Otte has selected a great resource that is aimed at helping each of us to look at our “earthy humanity” and our “earthy spirituality” in a deep personal sense as well as corporately as a family of Brothers in Christ.

The text Pastor Otte has selected is “Leap Over A Wall”, by Eugene Peterson

In this text, Peterson uses the story of David, the most complete story of any character in the Bible, to reach us through the noise of the world.

“The world changes; political alliances shift; the rich and poor jockey for position; the moral fiber of society alternately strengthens and weakens. God speaks his word; God reveals his will; God chooses his people. Who is listening? Who is looking? Who is responding?”

Join us for this opportunity to grow, learn and share in an environment that lets us get away from the hustle and bustle around us, yet is right in our neighborhood. Last year, 50 men came together for a day and a half and went home renewed and uplifted.

Once again, we will have 5 rooms available for anyone wishing to spend Friday night at the Springhill Retreat Center and we will provide copies of the text as well as dinner on Friday; breakfast and lunch on Saturday as part of the conference fees.

Pastor Otte and the rest of the Retreat Planning Team pray earnestly that you will set aside this time on September 23rd and 24th  to be part of a Spiritual retreat that will help us further develop our Spiritual Compass and give us some additional tools for standing firm in our Faith.


Call the Church office to sign up and for more information.