Trusting God With Tomorrow

Over 60 years ago, Messiah Lutheran Church was organized in the city of Richardson.  A small group of people had a big vision to make a difference for God in our community. God richly blessed this new church, and in 2004 our church moved to the city of Plano.  God continued to bless our church with great growth, and so, here we are today with a new challenge.  The needs of our church have changed in such a way that we really need another building to expand our ministry to the people around us.

I pray that you will have this same big vision to want to reach more people in our community for Jesus through committing yourself to a special campaign. TRUSTING GOD WITH TOMORROW is the theme of our three-year effort designed to share the light of Jesus in the lives of our people here at Messiah and throughout our community.  This theme is taken from Psalm 4:5, “Trust in the Lord and offer pleasing sacrifices to Him.”  I pray that you will be able to experience the joy of generosity through this campaign.

Here are the Major Goals of this Campaign:

  • Build a LIFE CENTER that will help us to share the light of Jesus in many new ways.

¨ Provide a new Contemporary Worship Celebration.

¨ Provide for Children’s dramas and programs.

¨ Provide for an expanded Youth Ministry.

¨ Provide Adult and Youth classrooms for our Sunday School ministry.

¨ Provide for more Fellowship Events in our congregation. (Congregation dinners, wedding receptions, fellowship group dinners)

¨ Provide a Kitchen that can serve food to small groups, as well as to large groups.  (Refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, counter space) as well as offer specialty events such as cooking and baking classes and cook-offs.

  • Celebrate our church’s 60th Anniversary.

  • Reduce our current mortgage to free up more dollars for ministry.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $2-4 million over the next three years, above and beyond our regular giving, to meet these campaign goals.

We are a great TEAM for our Lord here at Messiah:

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

I believe that God has another great miracle planned for us here at Messiah.  Pray how you can be part of this great miracle of God through your commitment.  God continues to do great things through us!