The Faith of a Child

From Pastor Kollmann


Little Andy’s four-year-old classmate, Gina, died in a battle with childhood cancer.  Gina’s parents held a memorial service at their church.  The service involved all of the pre-school children.  They recited Bible verses and sang children’s Christian songs.  Balloons and banners were hung to show the love and joy of Jesus. 

That night, when Andy said his prayers, he told Jesus that he wanted to join Gina in heaven too.  So, the next morning, Andy got ready for school, and he packed his backpack with many of his favorite things.  His mother asked him why he was packing so much.  And Andy said, “I am going to live with Jesus and Gina in heaven.”

Isn’t that great?  Andy had such a strong faith in Jesus, that he wanted to be with Jesus in heaven right now.  He wanted to be able to live and play with his friend, Gina, again.

We, too, should have that kind of faith in Jesus.  Jesus died on a cross and rose from the dead for us.  We are going to be living in heaven with Jesus someday.  But, in the meantime, while you are living on this earth, do everything you can to live out your faith in Jesus.