Messiah Lutheran Upper RoomThis lively, discussion based class has had really hit its stride in recent years. Thoughts and ideas and wisdom are shared each week from all sorts of people, moderated by the very funny, very amicable Pastor Jim Otte.

We are very pleased to share The Upper Room Bible Study with the world via Messiah’s very first Podcast.  Subscribe via your favorite pod catching app to see what you’ve been missing!

See you in the upper room.

Messiah's Upper Room Podcast

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MURP 0110: Heaven And Hell

We take a break from the Gospel of John this week due to the Easter holiday. Instead, join Pastor Otte and Phil Kasper as they discuss “Heaven and Hell” issues, the different beliefs of Christian denominations, and what the core belief we share despite our differences is. Directly download the audio file here. Want to...
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MURP 0109: I Was Blind But Now I See

We continue our study in the book of John with a discussion on how the Pharisees blinded themselves through their attempt to strictly follow God’s Law so much so that they neglected to see the fulfillment of God’s Law in Jesus Christ. Have a question a comment and want to participate in the Bible study?...
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MURP 0108: Just Breathe

We complete our two-week break from the book of John as Pastor Otte finishes our lesson over why we should not worry and trust in Jesus to provide blessings in our lives. Pastor Otte also goes over some practices and habits to develop that can help ease our tensions and anxieties in life. Download the...
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MURP 0107: Do Not Worry

Pastor Otte and the remainder of Messiah’s Upper Room Bible Class take a break from the Gospel of John this week to visit the book of Matthew as Pastor Otte leads a discussion on why we should not worry. Download the class notes here. Directly download the audio file here. Want to receive each new...
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MURP 0106: We Versus Me

Pastor Otte builds upon last week’s session about Jesus’s confrontation with the Pharisees and performing work in the sabbath. This leads to a deeper discussion on the connection between God’s first three commandments versus the remaining commandments and our relationships with one another. Directly download the audio file here. Want to receive each new episode...
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MURP 0105: For The Glory of God

Jon Switzer is our guest speaker this week as Messiah’s Upper Room continues through our study of the Gospel of John. Jesus’s disciples ask what a blind man’s sin was to make him blind, Jesus answers that it’s not the man’s sin that made him blind, but the works of God may be displayed through...
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MURP 0104: Your Father The Devil

Jesus continues teaching the law and gospel to the Pharisees as we continue our journey through the book of John. Pastor Otte and the Upper Room Bible class discuss why Jesus tells the Pharisees the harsh reality that their father is the devil and not Abraham. Download the class notes here. Directly download the audio...
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MURP 0103: Slave To Sin

Pastor Otte and Messiah’s Upper Room Bible Class continue through the book of John. Jesus talks to the Pharisees about His Father, but the Pharisees do not understand what Jesus is telling them. The conversation then leads to a discussion about slavery and being a slave to sin. Download the class notes here. Directly download...
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MURP 0102: Truth And Compassion

We continue through our study in the Gospel of John this week first with a discussion of the Pharisees and the division among the crowds Jesus is making with His teachings. Pastor Otte then leads the class into chapter eight of John with the Pharisees bringing an adulteress to Jesus, testing Him to see what...
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