Messiah Lutheran Upper RoomThis lively, discussion based class has had really hit its stride in recent years. Thoughts and ideas and wisdom are shared each week from all sorts of people, moderated by the very funny, very amicable Pastor Jim Otte.

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See you in the upper room.

Messiah's Upper Room Podcast

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MURP 0061: Meet Them Where They Are

  In this episode, Pastor Otte and the class discuss how we may learn from the book of John on how to be a better witness – how to meet people where ever they are in their spiritual walk in life, realizing we are called to be witnesses and to provide a bridge of understanding...
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MURP 0060: Word Made Flesh

Pastor Otte and the class resume their discussion and introduction to the book of John, what influences and beliefs contended with John’s sharing of the news of Jesus to a different people, and John’s approach in how he wrote this book of the Bible. Download the class notes here. Directly download the audio file here....
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MURP 0059: The Scapegoat

No Bible class was held on Sunday due to Messiah’s Easter Sunday celebration schedule, but Pastor Otte and Phil Kasper sat down on Good Friday to talk about a meditation call “The Scapegoat”. We discuss how we may discern assigning blame versus holding a person accountable, how the term hate may be used, and how,...
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MURP 0058: The Gospel Of John

Join Pastor Otte and the class this week as we start a new series over the Gospel of John. We first look to understand the environment and audience John had to take into consideration, and how he approached writing about God and His Son. Download the class notes here. Directly download the audio file here....
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MURP 0057: Unexpected Clouds Of Witnesses

Pastor Otte and the class conclude our series on Famous People in the Bible You’ve Never Heard of with those who make up the great clouds of witnesses in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The class also discusses how God has a race in our lives marked out for us, and...
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MURP 0056: The Workers In The Vineyard

Join Messiah’s Upper Room Bible Class this week as we talk about the workers in the master’s vineyard. Join us as we discuss the message of this powerful parable and how we may guard against resentment creeping into our minds and souls. Directly download the audio file here. Download our class notes here to follow...
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MURP 0055: Jethro The Midianite

We’re beginning a new series about famous in the Bible that you never heard of. This week we start with a Midianite named Jethro, who was the father-in-law to Moses. Join Pastor Otte and the class as they discuss how a follower of God may witness to another person outside of their religion and how...
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MURP 0054: The Athanasian Creed

This week we’re going back into our vaults to dig out a previously unreleased episode. If you’re part of the Christian faith, you may have heard of the Apostles and Nicene Creeds, but did you know there’s a third creed? Mr. Bob Orr guides us through the lesser known Athanasian Creed and provides a history...
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MURP 0053: Being Happy And Content

Pastor Otte and the class discuss what it means to be happy and content, how we may find happiness through the reassurance of our baptism, and how we may be content in our work. Directly download the audio file here. Want to receive each new episode as they’re released? Be sure to subscribe for free...
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