Youth Online Bible Study week 10

This week we are looking at Matthew 6:19-34.

While this section is divided into two different headings, it’s important to recognize that the whole set of verses is about trusting in God to provide. The big clue on connecting these two sections is in the first word of verse 25: “therefore.” Whenever that word is used in scripture (or really, in any writing), it connects everything that comes before with the words that follow it.

Verses 19-24 encourages us to focus on the treasures of heaven, rather than those of earth, because earthly things are fleeting and fragile. Nothing can take away the treasures waiting for us in heaven! It’s easy to get caught up in concerns over money, though. And it’s not just people who have a lot of money who fall prey to this – not having a lot of money can lead some folks to obsess about it too!

That’s why I love the way that Jesus calms our fears over what we need. Verses 25-34 boils down to the simplest form of needs that we have: food, water, and clothing. And yet, we worry about it. Sometimes it’s over-focusing on what we eat, or when we eat, or how we eat. Advertising wants to manipulate your thirst into cravings for the latest beverages on the markets. And when it comes to clothing… I want to know what others are wearing when I go somewhere, and dress in similar style. Needless to say, I worry far too much about things that Jesus expressly says here: “Don’t be anxious.”

He’s right about the flowers – nothing I’ve ever worn comes close to their beauty. And the birds always find food. Much like Jesus responding to the tempter in the wilderness back in chapter 4, He reminds us “Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?”

God knows what you need, and He provides it. We are called simply to trust Him.

Dig deeper:

  • God literally provided food for His people when they left Egypt and began their journey to the promised land way back in Exodus 16:1-18. How does this account help you to trust Him to provide for your needs?
  • In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus visits the home of two sisters. How does this story connect to the reading for today? Which sister do you most often identify with?
  • Philippians 4:4-9 is another great passage on setting aside anxiety in favor of trusting God. How do you remember to do each of the following:
    • Rejoice
    • Be reasonable
    • Pray
    • Give thanks
    • Think good thoughts (see a list of examples in verse 8)
    • Be at peace