Lambs Early Childhood School

Available Classes

NOTE: All class groupings are based on the child’s age as of September 1.
Our school offers extended hours for all age groups.  Early drop off starts at 8am and late pick up is 3pm.


AGES:             5 years
TIMES:            9am – 2pm
DAYS:             Monday – Friday
RATIOS:         15:1 with a maximum 15:1
EXTENDED HOURS:            8am – 9am, 2pm – 3pm

Kindergarten Prep

AGES:             4 years
TIMES:            9am – 2pm
DAYS:             Monday – Friday
RATIOS:         10:1 with a maximum 18:2
EXTENDED HOURS:            8am – 9am, 2pm – 3pm

Kindergarten Prep Class Description

Our Kindergarten Prep. (K-Prep) class uses a DLM curriculum made up of nine four week themes. These themes provide learning instruction on varying topics about creatures, families, literature, construction, and imagination. The curriculum introduces skills such as prediction/comprehension of stories, sequencing, exploration, rhyming, and opposites.

We use the Voyages religion curriculum for our Bible time every day. We spend an entire week on different stories from the Bible and attend chapel twice each week.

Phonics is an important part of the day, as the children are exposed to letter recognition and sounds through individual centers, small group activities, and whole class instruction. They are exposed to pre-reading skills, but are encouraged to develop at their own pace.

Math is integrated into many of the activities each day through varying activities. We use our calendar, pocket chart, counting sticks, and many manipulativies to understand skills such as sorting, graphing, counting, patterning, adding, and subtracting.

The children attend music classes for 30 minutes each week and have the opportunity to work on a computer in the classroom. To vary and enhance the learning experiences, we have class speakers on various topics.


AGES:              3 or 4 years
TIMES:            9am – noon  or  9am-2pm

2 day (Tuesday & Thursday) **3s only**
3 day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
3 day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 
5 day (Monday – Friday) **3s only**

RATIOS:         9:1 for 3’s / 10:1 for 4’s
EXTENDED HOURS:            8am – 9am, noon – 2pm, 2pm – 3pm

Preschool Class Description

Preschool classes focus on the social and motor development of young children.


Three year old classes base their daily activities around themes throughout the year. They work on developing social relationships, extending their attention span, and developing their gross and fine motor skills.

Lessons are divided into large group circle time, small group, and learning centers. The three year olds attend chapel and music. They also have the opportunity to see guest speakers on various topics.


Four year old classes use the DLM/SRA Early Childhood Express curriculum for both language arts and math. In language arts we focus on letter recognition and the pre-reading skills of letter sounds, rhyming and sequencing.

In math the four year olds focus on one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, simple graphing and shapes.

Chapel and music classes are attended throughout the week. There is also time allotted for physical education. Guest speakers and special activity days occur throughout the year.

Parents' Day Out

AGES:              6 months – 35 months
TIMES:            9am – 2pm
DAYS:              1 to 5 days, Monday – Friday

4:1 (maximum 9:3) – infants
5:1 (maximum 10:2) – toddlers
7:1 (maximum 14:2) – twos classes

EXTENDED HOURS:            8am – 9am, 2pm – 3pm
DROP-INS:      Children who are in the program can drop-in days based on classroom availability.


Infant Daily Sheet

Parents' Day Out Class Description

Our classrooms are arranged with activities to meet the needs of each child based on age groupings. A well equipped playground, indoor gym, and buggies provide healthful fun and exercise. Qualified teachers are carefully selected on the basis of education, experience, understanding, and love of children. All of our classroom ratios are well below state requirements.

Director: Amy Myers

Phone: 972-398-7560
Fax: 972-398-7598
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Plano, Texas 75075