Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies

9:45AM – 10:45AM

Sunday Morning Bible Class with Pastor Kollmann


Picture of an open Bible with the Messiah candle logo above it

THE PARABLES OF JESUS-A study of the parables of Jesus and how they apply to our lives today.



The Upper Room

Room E215S

Messiah Lutheran Upper Room

This is a lively, discussion based class. Thoughts, ideas and wisdom are shared each week. We are very pleased to share The Upper Room Bible Study via Podcast. Subscribe today at:



Room E237N

FOCUS is a small group that goes through the Bible one book, one chapter, one verse at a time. Our mission is to lead a comprehensive understanding of the Word of God.



Ask Anything

Room E214S

Modeled after Ask Me Anything events online, this class centers around a box where you can submit your questions about anything! Each week we use the Bible to find biblically based answers to all of our questions.


Room E220S

Messiah Mosaics is a class geared at anyone in their 30s or 40s, married or single. This is a discussion based class that examines how God’s Word influences our daily walk with Christ. 


GMC (Growing marriages in Christ)

Room E110S

We will share Praises & Prayers followed by a short devotion. We will be meeting via Zoom, but anyone is welcome to join us in person from the GMC classroom if they wish.

Email to recieve the Zoom meeting ID.


Meet Messiah

Guest Desk

If you would like to know about Messiah, meet at the Guest Information Desk at 9:30am. A few of our members will take you on a tour of our campus and answer questions you may have about our church.

Midweek Bible Studies

The Tuesday morning Bible study and the Wednesday lunch Bible study generally meet throughout the year taking a break during the summer months; June, July, and August and resume at the beginning of September.

Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study with Pastor Kollmann

Room E215S – 9:30AM-11AM

This class is going through the Lifelight study on the book of Revelation

The goal of this LifeLight bible study is to meet ladies right where they are and come along side them – encouraging, supporting, praying and equipping them in their journey with God. We want to grow our faith and demonstrate His love and grace through our lives and relationships.

We want to encourage and equip women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God.  As we study the word and serve the Lord together, we want every woman to feel loved and accepted for who she is in Christ so that she is transformed and empowered to live out Christ’s love and grace.

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday Men’s Lunch and Bible study with Pastor Kollmann

Room E215S – 12pm-1pm

This class is studying the book of Revelation

This Men’s bible study provides a second wind in the middle of the long week. It is an opportunity to get away from our obligations and re-center our spiritual being.

Pastor Kollmann is a wealth of knowledge and has a knack for distilling discussion topics in to a lunch sized portion. If you work in the area and can get away for just a little while, come join us for a feast of food and edification.

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study

Room E215S – 9:30AM-11AM

Image of women i fellowship drinking cappacino together and smiling

“The Rock, the Road and the Rabbi,” by Kathie Lee Gifford with Rabbi Jason Sobel. It’s a combination of a travelogue, Scripture, lessons learned, history, Hebrew culture and much more. If you would like to reserve a book and/or study guide contact Ellen Thorne, Cost for Study Guide is $10. If you want the accompanying book the total cost is $25.