Facility Information

The Messiah Lutheran Church campus facilities are a means to make an eternal impact in the lives of people in our church and community by helping them come to know God personally through faith in Jesus Christ and to grow in their relationship with God and others. Many people in the Messiah Lutheran Church family have sacrificially invested time and resources to bring these facilities to fruition. The Messiah Lutheran Church facilities are designed to offer a friendly, God-honoring atmosphere for worship, evangelism, fellowship, and teaching, as well as for recreation and special events.

God has truly blessed us with a versatile and beautiful church campus.  Our Sanctuary seats up to 1,000 people, and provides the ideal setting for all types of worshipful events.

Our Chapel is a smaller, more intimate space with the capacity for 150 people.  Our Gymnasium is set up for volleyball, basketball, and exercise classes of all types. Our Education building has several meeting spaces for group numbers ranging from 20-150.

Front view of Messiah Lutheran grounds, with the center focus on the main building with tall white steeple


Marriage in the church is a religious ceremony.  God instituted marriage and He is the center of every church wedding ceremony.  Therefore,  a church wedding ceremony is a worship service directed to God,  celebrating His institution of marriage and asking Him to bless husband and wife who enter into this holy union.

Meetings & Conferences

God has blessed us with a wonderful church campus, and we desire to make it available for various groups and activities. 


When we moved to Plano, we knew our Worship Center would someday serve as our gymnasium, and as of the summer of 2013, we made that transition.  We host basketball and volleyball team practices, and anticipate future leagues, tournaments, and other sport related events.